UPDATE: The Church Starfish 180G Vinyl – Intervention Records

UPDATE: The Church Starfish 180G Vinyl

Friends- It's August 24, and we've been told Starfish might be going on press this week ... emphasis on might. It's hard to count on anything in the vinyl world on any kind of definitive timeline these days!

Even if it did get on press this week, it would not be assembled and complete to ship to us (and then to you) for several weeks.

Nevertheless, while our shipping manager is not yet back to school (!) we need to prepare as best we can to fulfill all the pre-orders, so we are preparing the orders and shipping and fulfillment notices are already going out and will be for several more days.

Please be patient! We will not be answering any "are we there yet / when are you shipping /why hasn't' my package moved yet" emails. Sorry, the volume is too high, and there is no nes until we receive the completed LPs.

We're as impatient as you are to get these records and get them out to you!

A notice will go out on our mailing list, website and social media when we get the LPs and start shipping.

THANKS for your business, your trust and your infinite patience! Starfish will be worth it!

PEACE Shane and the Intervention Team