Reviews – Intervention Records


Altered Beast Expanded Edition 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"Intervention has once again created a high-quality vinyl reissue that is not only meant to be played loud, it practically demands it. "

Will Hodge

"Their collective work has never sounded better than it does on this remastered vinyl pressing from the ever-reliable Intervention Records...Every song sounds like it is bursting out of its seams and ready to flatten a major metropolis."

Robert Ham

Heart Food 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"The analog warmth of the sound is inviting and profoundly engaging ... These sonically compelling reissues speak well for the original recording engineers ..."

Joe Marchese

"And then I heard "The Kiss" from 1973's Heart Food. If ever there was a song that lived up to the glorious, simultaneous heartbreaking and mending I might expect from a symphony to God, it's this."

– Pitchfork

Field Day Expanded Edition 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"... it comes into crystal clear focus here, adding meat and weight to Crenshaw’s jangly love songs ..."

Robert Ham

"With this new edition featuring a bonus LP, revised cover art, and 180-gram vinyl, the fastidious reissue label Intervention has made a case for Field Day as a lost classic."

Andrew Holter

I’m The Man 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"..this Intervention reissue smokes the original in all of the ways that matter on a drum'n'bass'n'guitar driven record: sharper, cleaner transients, greater dynamic slam, and bass that digs all the way down."

Michael Fremer

"If you are familiar with these albums, the Intervention Records pressings will be a revelation. If you don’t know them, then you are in for a treat."

Roy Gregory

Nigel Lived 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"While in any discussion of sound I tend toward the original pressing, in A/B comparisons with my original copies (I have more than one) Intervention's new 45rpm pressing sounds superb."

Robert Baird

"Pressed at 45 RPM on four sides, Intervention has achieved the best sound possible, far surpassing the original edition ..."

Joe Marchese

So Much For The Afterglow 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"The sound is lucid and visceral, including down into the bass, which has weight and grip."

Marc Mickelson

"You’ll bask in the afterglow of this crisp, clean and quiet vinyl pressing crafted by Gray and Buettner. The detailed sonics give this set of more pop-oriented songs true room to breathe."

Randy Fairman

Judee Sill 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"... a long forgotten gem ... superbly reissued on double 45 rpm vinyl cut from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray and Tip-On gatefold jacket packaged too."

Michael Fremer

"The analog warmth of the sound is inviting and profoundly engaging ... These sonically compelling reissues speak well for the original recording engineers ..."

Joe Marchese

Stealers Wheel 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"... the best sounding version of this album I've yet heard. first rate packaging, Kevin Gray's impeccable mastering, and RTI's plating and pressing. Reissues do not get any better than this."

Michael Fremer

"he remastering and repressing (courtesy of the dream team of Kevin Gray and RTI, respectively) are a revelation, and this version buries my original ...The increase in resolution, transparency, separation, depth, dynamic range and bandwidth is frankly remarkable."

Roy Gregory

Summer In The City 180G LP (ON SALE!)

"If ever an album deserved a premium vinyl release, this is it, and Intervention has done it, and us, proud."

Roy Gregory

"I put on side 3 and was sitting in a club in New York, entranced as Jackson played and sang ... An essential purchase for Joe Jackson fans."

Joe Taylor

Stealers Wheel CD/SACD (ON SALE!)

"... the stereo separation and depth are more readily savored, with the new remaster having a full, natural sound that brings out the lost detail in the band arrangements."

Joe Marchese