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Starfish Expanded Edition 180G LP (100% ANALOG PRE-ORDER NOW!)


Original Release Date: 1988
Original Label: Arista

  • 100% Analog Mastering from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!
  • Artist-Approved 2X LP Expanded Edition!
  • 8 Bonus Tracks Not Included On Original Vinyl Release!
  • Mastering By Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound
  • Ultra-Quiet 180-Gram Vinyl Pressed at RTI
  • Beautifully Restored "Old Style" Gatefold Jacket Printed by Stoughton

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""Under the Milky Way," still one of the most haunting and elegant songs ever to make the Top 40." -AllMusic

Friends- It's August 24, and we've been told Starfish might be going on press this week ... emphasis on might. It's hard to count on anything in the vinyl world on any kind of definitive timeline these days! Even if it did get on press this week, it would not be assembled and complete to ship to us (and then to you) for several weeks. Nevertheless, while our shipping manager is not yet back to school (!) we need to prepare as best we can to fulfill all the pre-orders, so we are preparing the orders and shipping and fulfillment notices are already going out and will be for several more days. Please be patient! We will not be answering any "are we there yet / when are you shipping /why hasn't' my package moved yet" emails. Sorry, the volume is too high, and there is no news until we receive the completed LPs. We're as impatient as you are to get these records and get them out to you! A notice will go out on our mailing list, website and social media when we get the LPs and start shipping. THANKS for your business, your trust and your infinite patience! Starfish will be worth it! PEACE Shane and the Intervention Team

The Church’s Starfish is a dreamy, atmospheric masterpiece, guitar-driven alt-rock before alt-rock was a term. It includes the timeless smash hit “Under the Milky Way,” and “Reptile,” both First Wave staples.

Intervention's 2X 180-Gram LP, Artist-Approved Expanded Edition is 18-tracks total, including 8 amazing bonus tracks that were not on the original LP. These bonus tracks kick off with wonderful acoustic versions of “Under the Milky Way” and “Antenna.” The other tracks are so strong that it’s very apparent that Starfish could have been a potent double LP.

Starfish is 100% Analog Mastered from THE Original Master Tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. Intervention's cut expands the original 10-song repertoire to three vinyl sides opening up the already massive soundstage and presenting this amazing recording with FULL bass extension and dynamic power. All of the 8 bonus tracks are 100% Analog Mastered from tapes assembled by Ryan K. Smith.

The 180-gram LPs are ultra-quiet, pressed at boutique press, RTI in Camarillo, CA. Intervention replaces its stampers every 500 copies so every pressing is is a hot stamper.

Starfish’s album art was lovingly restored by Intervention's Art Director Tom Vadakan, and the original inner sleeve here is printed as the interior of a gorgeous gatefold jacket. The jacket is an “Old Style” gatefold made by wizards at Stoughton printing in LA. It's printed on heavy stock and film-laminated for superior color depth, beauty and durability. The center labels are printed by Dorado.

Side One

  • 1
  • 2
    Under the Milky Way
  • 3
    Blood Money

Side Two

  • 1
  • 2
    North, South, East and West
  • 3
  • 4

Side Three

  • 1
  • 2
    A New Season
  • 3
    Hotel Womb

Side Three Bonus Tracks

  • 1
    Under the Milky Way (Acoustic)
  • 2
    Antenna (Acoustic)

Side Four Bonus Tracks

  • 1
    Frozen and Distant
  • 2
    Texas Moon
  • 3
    Anna Miranda
  • 4
  • 5
    We Both Know Why You're Here
  • 6
    Perfect Child

Mastering Notes

Starfish is 100% Analog Mastered from THE Original Master Tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. Intervention's cut expands the original 10-song repertoire to three vinyl sides for maximum bass and dynamics. Even the bonus tracks were mastered 100% Analog from tapes assembled by Ryan K. Smith.

Release Notes

  • Format: 2x 180-Gram LPs @ 33RPM
  • IR Catalog Number: IR-027
  • UPC: 707129301567
  • Jacket: "Old Style" Gatefold Printed at Stoughton on Heavy Stock, Film Laminated

The (Re)Discover Series

You know those songs that come up on the radio when you’re driving and you crank up the volume to 11 and sing your lungs out? That’s the spirit of what Intervention’s (Re)Discover Series is all about! Taking these FM classics and presenting them in "like you’ve never heard it before" sound quality so you can get that same blast of energy and excitement on your hi-fi at home. The hallmark of this series will be 100% analog mastering from real analog tapes. Combining superior master sources with the truly full-range mastering chain at Cohearent Audio and RTI’s dead quiet vinyl pressing means that you’ll hear these FM staples with power, majesty and musical detail like it’s the first time. (Re)Discover these sonic treasures with us!