Matthew Sweet: The Expanded Studio Albums CD/SACD Bundle – Intervention Records

Matthew Sweet: The Expanded Studio Albums CD/SACD Bundle


Original Release Date: 1991-1995
Original Label: Zoo Entertainment

  • Artist-Approved Expanded Editions with EXTRA TRACKS!
  • Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound
  • Hybrid CD/SACD Plays On All CD and SACD Players
  • Super Jewel Box Packaging

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GIRLFRIEND: "... the holy grail of power pop." -Tiny Mix Tapes

"Altered Beast is a brilliant, ambitious creation ..." -Rarebird's

Girlfriend: Matthew Sweet’s essential 1991 power-pop tour-de-force gets its high-res due on Intervention’s Expanded Edition release. In addition to including the original CD release’s 15 tracks, this hybrid CD/SACD includes three demo tracks not included on the original release- “Good Friend,” “Superdeformed” and “Teenage Female.”

Girlfriend: 15 of the 18 tracks on this remastered Expanded Edition are Mastered Direct-to-DSD from the Original Master Tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. The last three tracks are Matthew Sweet’s own demo recordings made to DAT. Intervention’s remaster delivers maximum bass and dynamics. There are big, fat guitar tones and controlled but very expressive bass and a massive soundstage. Girlfriend is not only a 90’s classic but an amazingly pure and simply tremendous rock recording!

Altered Beast: The middle entry in Matthew Sweet’s holy 90’s Power-Pop Trilogy, Altered Beast is a sprawling, multi-dimensional power-pop trip finally presented at its artistic fullest. Sweet was a songwriting machine in this period, and in doing source research a third analog master reel with 6 extra tracks was discovered. Intervention’s Expanded Edition CD/SACD is a 21-track Beast that shows a master songwriter at his prolific best.

Altered Beast: While many of these extra tracks were used as B-sides on CD singles and saw release on other compilations, Intervention’s Expanded Edition places these songs in the context they they belong, with the album for which they were recorded. Hearing the quality of tracks like “Superdeformed” one wonders how Altered Beast wasn’t originally a bigger CD set!

Altered Beast is Mastered Direct-to-DSD from the Original Master Tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. The Master Tapes are 30ips 1/2″ analog reels, and the six bonus tracks are on their own reel. Intervention’s mastering opens up the sound stage and for the very first time presenting this amazing recording will FULL bass extension and dynamic power! The result is the best-sounding Altered Beast that’s ever been or ever will be! This is simply a fabulous-sounding rock recording that’s big, bold and super fun to listen to.

The Lost 90's Series

A prime directive at IR is bringing music from the dark days of the 1990s CD era to glorious new life on premium vinyl. So much fantastic music from this era either never saw a vinyl release, or saw only a very limited and all too often low-quality release ripped from CDs without much care. During that era even if the original capture was analog the music was ripped to digital and loaded into workstations for final editing, mixing, sequencing and final assembly. If vinyl was released during this era it is more than likely sourced from CD files. For releases that were never assembled in analog or were fully-digital recordings, IR acquires and masters from the best source files available, and if needed assembles final mixes, cross-fades, etc. during mastering. The increase in musicality and purity is as exponential! Combining superior master sources with the truly full-range, ultra-transparent mastering chains at studios like CoHEARent Audio and Sterling Sound, our dead quiet 180G vinyl pressings results in hearing the music that is the soundtrack to our lives like never before!