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Listening In

Welcome to our needle drop page – the BS stops when the needle drops! Below are high-res 24-bit/192kHz rips directly from Intervention’s LP releases! Now you can hear for yourself the startling improvements in sound quality from IR’s mastering and our dead-quiet 180-gram pressings from RTI.


These needle drops were specially prepared for Intervention by our friends at Channel D using their award-winning Pure Vinyl software suite. Pure Vinyl is the premier vinyl-ripping, editing and archiving software. Pure Vinyl works in conjunction with Pure Music, Channel D’s digital music server software. Both of these programs are.

Burrito Supreme Double 180G LP Bundle (NEW!)

Joe Jackson Generations 4-LP Bundle

Joe Jackson Classics Triple-LP Bundle

Joan Armatrading CD/SACD (PRE-ORDER)

Joan Armatrading 180G LP (PRE-ORDER)

Intervention Console T

Super Sounds of Stealers Wheel Double LP Bundle

Joe Jackson 1979 Double LP Bundle

Burrito Deluxe 180G LP (SHIPS NOW!)

Burrito Deluxe CD/SACD (PRE-ORDER)

White Light 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW)

White Light CD/SACD

Matthew Sweet 1991-1995 CD/SACD Series Subscription (PRE-ORDER)

Matthew Sweet 1991-1995 180G LP Series Subscription (PRE-ORDER)

Son of Altered Beast 180G LP (Pre-Order)

Girlfriend Expanded Edition 180G LP (PRE-ORDER)

Altered Beast Expanded Edition 180G LP (IN STOCK NOW)

Girlfriend Expanded Edition CD/SACD (PRE-ORDER)

Altered Beast Expanded Edition CD/SACD (PRE-ORDER)

100% Fun Expanded Edition CD/SACD (SHIPPING NOW)

100% Fun Expanded Edition 180G LP (BACK IN STOCK!)

Judee Sill “The Masterpieces” Double LP Bundle

The Gilded Palace of Sin 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

Don’t Say No Hybrid CD/SACD

Heart Food 180G LP

Look Sharp! 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Is She Really Going Out With Him?
  • ▎▎
    Fools In Love

Don’t Say No 180G LP

The Gilded Palace of Sin CD/SACD (OUT OF ST0CK)

Stealers Wheel CD/SACD

Summer In The City 180G LP

Stealers Wheel 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Late Again
  • ▎▎
    Stuck In The Middle

Judee Sill 180G LP

Wonderland 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Who Needs Love Like That
  • ▎▎
    Oh L'Amour

Sparkle and Fade 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK)

  • ▎▎
    Santa Monica
  • ▎▎

So Much For The Afterglow 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Everything To everyone
  • ▎▎
    Father Of Mine

Night and Day 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Steppin' Out
  • ▎▎
    Breaking Us in Two

Nigel Lived 180G LP

I’m The Man 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    On Your Radio
  • ▎▎
    It's Different For Girls

Field Day Expanded Edition 180G LP

Ferguslie Park 180G LP

  • ▎▎
  • ▎▎
    Steamboat Row