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Listening In

Welcome to our needle drop page – the BS stops when the needle drops! Below are high-res 24-bit/192kHz rips directly from Intervention’s LP releases! Now you can hear for yourself the startling improvements in sound quality from IR’s mastering and our dead-quiet 180-gram pressings from RTI.


These needle drops were specially prepared for Intervention by our friends at Channel D using their award-winning Pure Vinyl software suite. Pure Vinyl is the premier vinyl-ripping, editing and archiving software. Pure Vinyl works in conjunction with Pure Music, Channel D’s digital music server software. Both of these programs are.

Matthew Sweet: The Expanded Studio Albums

Joe Jackson 1979 Double LP Bundle

Burrito Deluxe 180G LP (SHIPS NOW!)

White Light 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW)

White Light CD/SACD

Girlfriend Expanded Edition 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW)

Altered Beast Expanded Edition 180G LP (IN STOCK NOW)

100% Fun Expanded Edition CD/SACD

100% Fun Expanded Edition 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK AWAITING REPRESS)

The Gilded Palace of Sin 180G LP (AWAITING REPRESS)

Don’t Say No Hybrid CD/SACD

Heart Food 180G LP

Look Sharp! 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Is She Really Going Out With Him?
  • ▎▎
    Fools In Love

Don’t Say No 180G LP

The Gilded Palace of Sin CD/SACD (OUT OF ST0CK)

Stealers Wheel CD/SACD (ON SALE!)

Summer In The City 180G LP

Stealers Wheel 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Late Again
  • ▎▎
    Stuck In The Middle

Judee Sill 180G LP (ON SALE!)

Sparkle and Fade 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK)

  • ▎▎
    Santa Monica
  • ▎▎

So Much For The Afterglow 180G LP

  • ▎▎
    Everything To everyone
  • ▎▎
    Father Of Mine

Nigel Lived 180G LP (ON SALE!)

I’m The Man 180G LP (ON SALE!)

  • ▎▎
    On Your Radio
  • ▎▎
    It's Different For Girls

Field Day Expanded Edition 180G LP (ON SALE!)