First Review Is In For Altered Beast! – Intervention Records

First Review Is In For Altered Beast!

The first review of our reissue of Matthew Sweet's classic 'Altered Beast' is in and it is glowing! Mike Segretto of Psychobabble has some very kind things to say about our Artist-Approved Extended Edition of 'Altered Beast.'

"Intervention Records’ 100% analog audiophile edition of Altered Beast—the second release in its trilogy of Sweet reissues—doesn’t clean up that messy sound; it just presents its with startling clarity, authenticity, and sonic might. Guitars are remarkably present whether grinding out on “Dinosaur Act”, shimmering on “Time Capsule”, or booming from a bottomless pit on “In Too Deep”. Details reveal themselves. Until now I’d never really noticed that weird percussive touch on “Someone to Pull the Trigger” that sounds like Sweet brushing his teeth."