Professional Reviews

Analog Planet
Written by Michael Fremer
on May 07, 2017
" … this record has never sounded this well balanced … A reader asked if I’d assembled a “100 essential albums” list. I haven’t but when I do, this will be on it ...” -Michael Fremer
Soundstage Network
Written by Joseph Taylor
on May 07, 2017
"Kevin Gray’s remastering for Intervention Records’ reissue of Wonderland on vinyl fleshes out the music and gives it a larger, more impressive scale. On this LP, the music fills the room with such a deep, wide soundstage that it’s easy to envision a dance floor coming alive to its sounds." -Joseph Taylor  
Written by Robert Baird
on Apr 24, 2017
"... any reissue label must eventually make a splash with a surprise release that's not only relevant, but hasn't yet had a proper remastering. For Intervention, this is that album." -Robert Baird
Ultra Fidelis Newsletter
Written by Jonathan Spelt
on Apr 24, 2017
"I had the sensation that it was 1969, and I was transported to the recording venue and allowed to watch one of my very most favorite recordings being made." -Jonathan Spelt
The Second Disc
Written by Randy Fairman
on Mar 10, 2017
"Intervention’s reissue, remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio, brings newfound clarity to the thumping beats and searing synth lines, and finds tremendous detail in the vocals, making for a pressing that sounds new and fresh despite the period sound." -Randy Fairman