Introducing Intervention Records!

Meet Intervention Records, the fresh new face of premium vinyl reissues! Why another reissue label? The answer is simple: the reissue market has focused too much on reissuing the same artists and records over and over, and there's too much great music that the world is still waiting to hear on premium vinyl! 

Intervention’s releases will be refreshingly eclectic, spanning genres and eras. IR will specialise in recordings that are entirely new to the vinyl reissue market, particularly titles that never saw a vinyl release at all or only saw very limited release.

IR’s singular mission is to create archive-quality LPs with every release, and its trademark will be its extremist-level dedication to sonic purity and lavishly restored album art. Only the best available sources will be used, and whenever possible that means analog master tapes with 100% analog mastering. The best sources still require the most transparent mastering chain, so IR’s mastering partner is Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. Cohearent’s mastering chain with Kevin at the helm extracts the best possible quality from both analog and digital masters and gets every bit of what’s on the master into the grooves.

Intervention’s LPs will be 180-grams and dead quiet, plated and pressed at R.T.I. in Camarillo, CA, under Intervention’s direct supervision. IR’s album art will be faithfully restored by the very gifted and exacting artist Tom Vadakan, whose work has been seen most recently on the exquisite album jackets of Music Matters Jazz’s longrunning series of Blue Note reissues. All of IR’s jackets will be "old-style" deluxe jackets with film-lamination on heavy stock and will be printed by Stoughton Printing Co, purveyor of the finest album jackets available.