Analog Planet's Michael Fremer Reviews IR's Trio of Joe Jackson Reissues!

Analog Planet's Michael Fremer reviewed our trio of Joe Jackson reissues and came away impressed: "As we've come to expect from Intervention, the Tip-on packaging is first rate as is Kevin Gray's mastering from analog tape, pressed on 180 gram vinyl at RTI."

But wait there's more! 

On Look Sharp!: "... you'll love the reissue, which offers sharper, cleaner transients, improved transparency and focus and greater dynamics. It preserves a pulsing energy the original softens and diminishes."

I'm the Man: " ... this Intervention reissue smokes the original in all of the ways that matter on a drum'n'bass'n'guitar driven record: sharper, cleaner transients, greater dynamic slam, and bass that digs all the way down." 

Night and Day: "... The Intervention reissue again beats the original A&M in every way ..."

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