Intervention's Upcoming Big Audio Dynamite Reissue Featured in Ryan K Smith Interview!




AnalogPlanet's Michael Fremer attended one of IR's mastering sessions, at NYC's legendary Sterling Sound. Featured was a great interview with mastering engineer Ryan K. Smith while he was cutting on our reissue of Big Audio Dynamite's This is Big Audio Dynamite direct from analog tape! In many cases when analog tapes are archived on the east coast it's not possible to get that tape released to the west caost for mastering. I'm very very fortunate that Sterling has someone like Ryan cutting for them so I can be assured that the quality standard IR is setting is maintained on both coasts. If you find an "RKS" scribe in the runout groove of one of your records- like Adele's 25- you're holding Ryan's cut in your hand!

You'll read and hear more about IR's BAD release in the coming months, but in the meantime enjoy this video!